Hi, there. I am Jerry (Gerald) Schwartz of New Britain, Connecticut, USA.(portrait)

I am a lifelong resident of Connecticut, although I did a stint in New York City after college. My history starts in East Hartford, then shifts to West Hartford where I went to Conard High School. I became interested in computers during my first semester of college, because calculators hadn't been invented yet and I can't do arithmetic to save my life. At Wesleyan University I got a BA in Physics, which is about as useful as a BS in Needlepoint. As a result of the merger between Hewlett-Packard and Compaq, the economic climate, and changes in organizational structure, I was among the over 15,000 people to leave Hewlett-Packard involuntarily in the aftermath of 9/11. After 25 years in various sales, consulting, and software support roles at HP, and a brief stint as a coder / technical writer for a small software developer, I am currently employed by the US subsidiary of a Japanese company, Global Information Incorporated. Sounds impressive, doesn't it? What it boils down to is that I do software maintenance, machine maintenance, and most other stuff in the IT world for our US office. The company itself is a reseller of market research.

This web site is not an example of what I would do for a web design customer, if I had one; it is a hodgepodge of experiments.

On the hobby side, I am the Regional Coordinator for FidoNet Region 16, which covers New England. I moderate the International Windows Conference on FidoNet as well. In other words, when I'm not working with computers I am playing with computers. This accounts for my physical appearance, which resembles that fungus known as the puffball(portrait) in both shape and complexion. I am a lot less fun than a puffball because I emit whimpers, not clouds of spores, when stepped on or struck.

I'm a member of Temple Sinai in Newington, Connecticut and a member of the Hartford Perlmongers.

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