Jerry's Lamentable Experiments in Art

I am not an artist. However, with an unquenchable faith in the power of technology, and a little too much pocket money, I continue to believe that somewhere, somehow, there will be a graphics package that can make me one. Here are some of my experiments.


You have been warned...

"Reach" - done with Bryce 2 and Poser 2 {short description of image}

"Now Showing at a Theater Not Near You" - done with Bryce 2

{short description of image}

"Into the Hold" - redone with Bryce 5

{short description of image}
"Chambord Castle Kidnapped" - done with Bryce 2 {short description of image}
"Crag in the Water" (Pastel) - done with Bryce 3
This came out of a discussion of ways to make a picture look less "Brycey." It wasn't intended to be much else than an experiment.
{short description of image}
"It wasn't always like this..." - done with Bryce 4, inspired by Bill Griffith's Zippy the Pinhead comment about "endolphins"
"DolphinWorld" - done with Bryce 5, this is a panorama

"DolphinWorld VR" - the same panorama, rendered as QTVR

 Time for Eternity? - done with Bryce 5
 Lake Country - Bryce 5
 Accelerator - Bryce 5
 Arf! - Bryce 5 and Poser
 Sphere Studies - Bryce 5 - Spherical Container
 Sphere Studies - Bryce 5 - Cubic Container
 Sphere Studies - Bryce 5 - Cylindrical Container
 Sphere Studies - Bryce 5 - Conic Container
 Sphere Studies - Bryce 5 - Pyramidal Container
 Teleidoscope - Bryce 5
 Last Sunset - Bryce 5

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All works of art on this page are the original (if lousy) productions of Jerry Schwartz and may not be used without prior permission.